About Us

Wonder 7 Global STANDS for "The Wonder of 7 Continents in the World”, was coined in 2017 by company co-founder, Mr. Eric Khor.

Wonder 7 Global has been registered as a trademark ever since.

Through our global product distribution network, our committed Business Partners distributed supreme quality health products with exquisite natural ingredients supporting health and wellness industry.

3 years after inception, Wonder 7 Global  is a multi million-dollar business representing freedom and opportunity to thousands of people in the country, in which provides a vehicle for velocity change.

We empower over 6,900 Business Partners the inspiration to grow THESE  businesses TOGETHER and commit to provide new and better ways for them to achieve their life goals.


Empowering beauty through health and wellness


Deliver supreme QUALITY HEALTH PRODUCTS with exquisite natural ingredients and continuous R&D effort.

Motivate and unleash potential talents to cultivate SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS ASSOCIATES through innovative and rewarding entrepreneurship platform.

Create positive change to our community and environment as a SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE company.